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Herbal Healthcare 

Get answers to questions about your health from a holistic perspective 

Clinical Herbalism
Herbal Health Consultation

There are many different ways to use herbs and practice herbal medicine. In many cases clinical herbalists utilize a variety of approaches in their practice and also have a general knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and chemistry. Barefoot Birthkeeper offers a holistic whole-person approach to herbalism. We believe that each person require a unique herbal protocol that may change as their health improves. We formulate person-specific remedies and make nutritional and complementary therapy recommendations based on their unique needs. 

Barefoot Birthkeeper currently sees clients either in their homes or via skype/facetime. There is an additional $15 added to the total fee for clients I travel to who are more than 15 miles from my home in Edgewood, MD.  Initial consultations are usually about 2 hours, with follow-ups lasting approximately 30 minutes to an hour. During your consultation, we will discuss your primary health concerns and then review your history including personal, family, medical, and reproductive history. We will also discuss your diet and any herbs/supplements you are currently taking. After going over the systems of the body and determining what, if any, conditions you may have we will come up with an herbal and nutritional plan.

Herbal health consultations are $60 per hour and include

  • Full health history intake

  • A comprehensive herbal, nutritional, and complementary therapy plan emailed to you within 24 hours*

*Herbal teas, tinctures, and other formulations are an additional cost

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