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Birth Doula

Full-Spectrum Holistic Doula Service Package


Our Full Spectrum Holistic Doula Package is $1000* and consists of:

  • Two prenatal visits and one postpartum visit or one prenatal visit and two postpartum visits**

  • Access to my lending library and list of resources

  • Unlimited support via phone, text, and email during business hours until 38 weeks gestation

  • 24 hour unlimited support via phone, text, and email after 38 weeks gestation

  • Continuous support in your home and chosen birth place throughout active labor, delivery, and up to 2 hours postpartum

*A discount of 10% is deducted from the total fee when paid in full at the contract signing. Payment plans available.

**An additional prenatal or postpartum visit can be added for an additional fee.

What is a Doula?

Pregnancy is a sacred life-changing journey. A Doula is a professionally trained childbirth assistant who sees the pregnant person (and their partner or support person) throughout the childbearing year to provide emotional, physical, and informational support. The doula accompanies the pregnant person in labor to help ensure a safe and positive birth experience.


I am a Professional Doula, Birth Assistant, and Clinical Herbalist. During your pregnancy I will assist you with navigating the wondrous and sacred journey that is childbirth. I can offer suggestions for natural remedies for minor pregnancy discomforts and advise on nutritional adjustments for an optimal pregnancy. I utilize non-invasive/non-medical techniques to aid the pregnant or laboring person including massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, herbs, and energy work. When you sign on with me, you are not just a client. You become a part of my family.

My Service Area


My service area includes the greater Baltimore region and other areas that are within an hour from my home.  If you fall outside of this area but are under two hours from my home in Edgewood, MD, I can still be your doula. However, there is an additional fee and an extra hour must be added to the time it will take me to arrange to get to you for your birth.

Prenatal Visits


My fee includes one to two prenatal visits and one to two postpartum visits depending on what you choose. You can also choose to add one additional prenatal or postpartum visit for a fee. All meetings will occur in your home or at another acceptable location and will typically last 1-2 hours. 

The prenatal visits are all about getting to know you. We will discuss a variety of topics including: how to choose and what to expect from your care provider; any concerns and expectations you may have about your birth; your diet and physical activity; common pregnancy complaints and how to manage them; herbs for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum; signs of labor and when to call me; available birth options in Maryland; and any other resources we can draw upon to assist you with your birthing experience. 
I also like to hear from and work with your partner/labor support (if applicable) as well. I like to establish a good relationship with them as we will be working together toward the same goal---helping you have your best birth.

Please keep in mind that I modify my typical prenatal appointment model depending on the family, but the idea is the same: when I serve a pregnant person as their doula, they become a part of my family (as do their partner and older children). I care about them deeply and want to be there to help them however I can. Being a doula is something I put my entire heart into. Prenatal appointments with a doula are more about bonding as a birth team (your birth team) than anything else.

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