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Kristyn Gerchalk is a Clinical Herbalist, Professional Doula, Midwife Assistant, and future midwife. Her herbal journey began eleven years ago at Smile Herb Shop in College Park with their Introduction to Ayurveda class and Foundations in Herbalism shortly thereafter. Over the years she learned from a variety of teachers which culminated in the two year Grassroots Herbal Program through Centro Ashe, in Bryans Road, MD. She later went on to work on the clinical portion of her education with Teresa Boardwine of Green Comfort Herbs in Castleton, VA.


Her doula education began shortly before the birth of her twins in 2011 through Birth Arts International. She briefly apprenticed with a local doula and young midwife, Aza Nedhari, and began attending births officially in the summer of 2012. Kristyn completed her doula education in the fall of 2012 with ToLabor. In the spring of 2016, Kristyn attended and completed her training as a Midwife Assistant through Sacred Journey Birthing Services and holds her neonatal resuscitation certification. She has also attended a number of trainings including breech birth and Spinning Babies.


She is the mother of five children including fraternal twins. When she is not busy homeschooling her small brood, Kristyn likes to spend time in nature, making medicines from the herbs she cultivates and collects. She lives in southeastern Harford county with her husband and children. 

About Barefoot Birthkeeper

Barefoot Birthkeeper seeks to aid pregnant people and their families in all stages of life. From pregnancy and birth, through childhood and beyond. We provide a variety of services including childbirth education, pregnancy and labor support, and clinical herbal consultation. We also have a fully stocked herbal apothecary. 

Meet Your Doula!
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